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Pick me! Pick me! pick me!
We all have ideas but of course - "My way is best"!

We have what it takes!
We can wait till the dust settles then tell them - "I told you so!"

You have to conVINCE me Dave!

I know how this works!
Cause I know how to pull strings ... I have the power to make real changes!

I did it my way!   ( Thanks Nick - what you have done is much appreciated. )
So you also want to have a . . . as well. Never fear, my brother can get that for you as well!


Welcome to Warwick Aero Modellers Inc (WAM).

WAM was launched in early 2011 after a group of RC enthusiasts living in and around Warwick Qld realised the need to start an official RC club to service the growing needs for a safe and friendly location to enjoy the sport of Remote Control flying.

Our members fly petrol, glow and electric powered aircraft and have access to both grass and bitumen runways at Warwick and grass at Stanthorpe. No noise restrictions are in place and we enjoy a large open air space. The club is situated in the Morgan Park Sporting Complex just five minutes from the township of Warwick.

The members of WAM warmly welcome any new comers to the club and are only to happy to offer advice and support.

Twice a month we arrange to meet together for a fly. On Club Days, we have a BBQ lunch to feed the members and visitors and Fun Days where we just come out for a fly. Every event is listed in the calendar so please come along and talk to the members and see why RC is such a great sport to be involved in.

One of the committee would be only too pleased to talk with you if you need advice, so please contact us.


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